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  Willy McCoys is a 1920's Prohibition-themed tavern for the everyday "Joes".  We are not your fashionable speakeasy with fine linens and fancy glassware.  We are the back road gathering house where everyone is welcome.  Casual and comfortable with rustic reclaimed Midwest barn wood & antique lighting; here...we serve up beer, whiskey and good ole' American food.  A place where you can watch the game, hang with your guys or gals and enjoy a good time.


The Prohibition-era was an important part of our history; a time when our country realized what would happen if you prevented the manufacture and sale of alcohol.  Bootleggers, like "Willy McCoy", stepped in as rum runners to supply liquor to those who were in need of a good drink.  


Here, we acknowledge those who believed in our right to drink and celebrate the end of the Prohibition and the 18th Amendment.  Now, we as "Willy McCoys" can rightfully sell you your drink.  To make up for time lost during the days of the Prohibition, we offer you "2-for-1s, All Day, Every day!"


You're Welcome!

For you history buffs...


The 18th Amendment of the United States Constitution effectively etablished the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by declaring the production, transport aand sale of alocohol illegal (excluding private comsumption or possession).  January 16,  1920


The Amendment was repealed in 1933 by ratification of the 21st Amendment, the only instance in United States history that a constitutional amendment was repealed in its entirety.  December 5, 1933.

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