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Andover banquet room 2 Billiards-table

Tell us about your

banquet/private party needs.

Room capacity for private parties varies per location.


Open area sectioned off* (40 pp)

* not available during prime dining times



Private Dining Table (16pp)

Banquet Room* (80pp)

* not available during prime dining times



Private Dining Table (14pp)

Open area sectioned off* (30pp)

* not available during prime dining times

Banquet Room Upper Level (50pp)




Private Dining Table (12pp)

Private Dining Room (30pp)

Banquet Hall (250pp)



Private Dining Room (25pp)

Albertville banquet room Andover-whiskey-jug-lights BANQUET REQUEST FORM

Please click on the link below and fill out the form to complete your request.  One of our banquet coordinators will respond within 48 hours.

Banquet Coordinator:

Gen Fadden